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When problems occur, our home backup generators sense the power outage, turn on automatically, and immediately begin delivering backup power to your home. Your machine will run until utility power returns - whether that's two hours or two weeks.

Panel Upgrade

Outdated electrical panels pose an unseen threat to your home or business. Electrical panels that are out of code are a potential fire hazard. Remove the threat with help from Tipco Electrical Services.

Flat Screen TV

It can be tricky to mount a huge flat screen TV if you don’t have the proper components. It’s best to ask an expert to help you rather than trying to do it yourself. Tipco Electrical Services can handle the complete installation of your flat screen TV.

Other Services Offered

                                                   Electrical Installation                          Electrical Repairs                                    Lighting Installation    

                                                   Electrical Panel Upgrades                 Electrical Troubleshooting                   Ceiling Fans Installation.

                                                   Generator Inlet Box                              Power Outage                                            Security Lighting    

                                                   Electrical Sub panels                           Underground Electric Cables              Recessed Can Lighting

                                                   Breaker Replacement                          Electrical Breakers and Fuses             Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

                                                   Electrical Rewiring                                Electrical Breakers and Fuse               LED Retrofit

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